History Made Here

This project was designed by CODO Design of Indianapolis, IN. Here are a few shots from their design concept portfolio.

This is Codo’s design for the entrance.

This is how the entrance used to look.

This is how it looks now. The floor graphics utilize a non-skid laminate to ensure good footing even with wet floors.

Main floor concept, a time line of events going back hundreds of years.  A few photo’s of how it used to look.

We designed a frame and panel system that is seemless and sleek.

We also installed an Epson projection system with a Brightsign player which enables the staff to communicate with patrons about items in the museum, upcoming events, or whatever their needs may be. The Brightsign player can be remotely programmed and updated.

Stairway is also transformed into an information delivery system. Maintaining the red brick theme into the first floor museum.

1st Floor Design Concept, A continuation of the timeline but a little more visually focused on the past 100 years or so. Instead of the frame and panel we used a cable system from floor to ceiling which enabled us to hang more photo and informational signage. There are also 3 large triangles in the center aisle. In addition to graphics panels each triangle has a touchscreen display and a directional speaker that enables the user to select what they want to learn about and hear as well as see the information.

Here are some ‘Before’ photos.

Completion Photos

Cable wall with multiple photos and a timeline for reference.

A Triangle with full panel graphic

Cable wall with timeline and photos on the left, Triangular displays with interactive video & audio components. And artifact display cases that include the red brick theme to tie it all together.

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