Outdoor Displays

Take advantage of one of your greatest advertising avenues... the great outdoors. Count how many cars drive by on any given day, or how many people walk by if you have sidewalks. Every one of those people is a potential customer just looking for something to read on their way to wherever they're going.

Outdoor displays are perfect for announcing sales, vacancies, party locations, special offers, congratulations, whatever you want. Choose from a selection of pre-printed flags, or design your own custom masterpiece. We love custom. It's in our name!

Outdoor Displays


  • Custom Printed Wind Flags

    Custom Printed Wind Flags grab the attention all passers-by. Create your own custom artwork to advertise a special event, sale, promotion or whatever you can dream of. You can even use the included floor stand indoors at a tradeshow or store showroom, ceiling height permitting.

    Design it yourself, or give us a call and we can design it for you!

    1. Download the template file for the flag you choose
    2. Design the perfect artwork
    3. Upload your art when purchasing

    That's it! Custom Print Products will take it from there and produce your custom wind flag and ship it fast.

  • Pre-Printed Wind Flags

    Pre-Printed Stock Straight Wind Flags are a unique way of advertising your business or event. Get their attention and make a statement. The stock image wind flags ship fast and are simple to install. Choose from a large selection of flags for sales events, apartments, automotive and real estate.

    Our 16ft Straight Flag Kit is a complete kit with a stock printed flag and necessary hardware parts:

    • 16 foot (5m) Flag Pole
    • Ground Spike
    • Single-Sided Feather Flag 2.5' x 11.5'
  • Other Outdoor Displays

    Use your valuable resources to draw attention to your shop or sale or party. These Outdoor displays show the world (or at least passers-by) that something worth their attention is happening.

  • Custom Flags

    These custom printed flags are a fun way to personalize your home or boat. Choose from three different sizes to make the right statement. All flags are printed using the latest UV resistant inks on durable nylon for years of proud use.

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