Gator Board

Gator Board or Gator Foam is very lightweight rigid material that is stronger and more durable than foam core. It is ideal for the framing and printing of large works of art or posters since it adds so little weight to the overall piece.

We use the latest UV technology to direct full-color print onto gatorboard. This process not only keeps the cost down but produces a clean finished print.

The most common thickness of gator board is 3/16" but ½" is also available. 3/16" thick sheet sizes are available in lengths up to 120" and widths up to 60". ½" thick sheet sizes are available up to 96" in length and 48" are needing to widen these to be shipped, please keep your final product dimensions in mind and the size restrictions shipping carriers have because there will be additional costs associated with oversized shipmen

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SKU Product name   Price  
3648-UVGATOR 36" X 48" Gator Board Direct Print
  • $72.00
2436-UVGATOR 24" X 36" Gator Board Direct Print
  • $36.00
2228-UVGATOR 22" X 28" Gator Direct Print
  • $25.68
1824-UVGATOR 18" X 24" Gator Direct Print
  • $18.00
1620-UVGATOR 16" X 20" Gator Direct Print
  • $13.38
1117-UVGATOR 11" X 17" Gator Direct Print
  • $11.38
811-UVGATOR 8½" X 11" Gator Direct Print
  • $8.12