Literature Racks

Literature racks are a great way to display and distribute your literature and product brochures. A literature rack will add look and value to your display booth. Choose from 3-5 pocket type, full metal single and double sided racks or from our most popular folding literature racks.

Need help organizing your display booth with a new literature rack? Or need assistance developing your presentation booth? has been around for 25 years providing quality custom graphic design and display preparation services! For more information regaurding literature racks or for advice on expanding your display booth presentations call us at (877)-793-7746 today!

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SKU Product name   Price  
ZD-1HC Zedup Pro Literature Rack
  • 14% less
  • $175.00
INN-B Innovate Literature Rack- Black
  • $153.00
INN-S Innovate Literature Rack- Grey
  • $153.00
LN-MK-2 Linear Monitor Kiosk Kit
  • $1190.00