Heritage Trucking

These products are for Heritage Trucking only. If you have navigated to this page by accident, please notify us, so we can setup your membership correctly to our site. Call us at 877-793-7746.

If you are with Heritage Trucking. We have put together a site specific for you to order vehicle wraps.

Individual Purchases

Below you will see links to the individual items you can order for each vehicle in the Heritage Trucking Fleet, including Environmental Containers, Roll Boxes and Solid Oak vehicles. Just select the vehicle icon and you will find the list of items available.

NEW Vehicle Packages

The primary list on this page is set up as new vehicle packages. Below is the list of NEW Vehicle packages you may need to order. As Heritage adds new vehicles to its fleet, you simply need to select a package. We will produce and send anything you need as a package.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at 877-793-7746.

Items: 19 of 9, per page
SKU Product name   Price  
HT-ROLLOFFBOX Heritage Roll Off Boxes - NEW Package
  • $66.55
HT-TRAILER53 Heritage Trucking - 53' Trailer - NEW Trailer Package
  • $961.95
HT-TRAILER48 Heritage Trucking - 48' Trailer - NEW Trailer Package
  • $939.26
HT-BOX24 Heritage Trucking 24' Box Truck - NEW Vehicle Package
  • $448.46
HT-BOX14 Heritage 14' Box Truck - NEW Vehicle Package
  • $381.15
HT-MAINTRUCK Heritage Maintenance Truck - New Truck Package
  • $101.34
HT-ENVIROM Heritage Environmental Container - New Container Package
  • $131.59
HT-PDAYCAB Heritage Peterbilt Day Cab - New Day Cab Package
  • $54.45
HT-ENVIROPICKUP Heritage Solid Oak Pickup - NEW Truck Package
  • $80.17